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Kirby loves the startup. He has been involved in the startup world since 2001 having worked for 7 different technology startups before moving to Grand Rapids in 2009 where he established his first coffee business, the Direct Trade Coffee Club. After selling the club in 2015, he moved to San Diego to start up 7 Cold Brew, a cold brew coffee company focused on kegging great cold brew and selling it to offices and businesses all over San Diego. Kirby sold the company in 2016 to focus on SmartCanistertm and the go to market strategy.
Zach is a seasoned software creator, consultant, and web/mobile technical lead with the a strong belief that technology should be people-centered, both in what it does but also in how you make it. He co-founded the human-centered software consultancy, Mutually Human, in 2006 where he helped companies of all sizes, from startups to Fortune 500 companies, deliver on desired outcomes when technology was the appropriate solution. Having worn many hats over the past decade he understands first-hand the alignment necessary for vision, business, product, and technical execution in order to achieve outcome instead of just output. He is also a published author, speaker, and trainer on the process developing software using agile, lean, and balanced team thinking. In 2018, Zach sold his stake in Mutually Human in order to focus on bringing SmartCanistertm to market.
Mark is a maker of things in ones and zeros. He’s an embedded software developer, consultant, and mentor. He’s developed high precision measurement devices, medical instruments, self-guided vehicles, wearables, and more. He enjoys working on technologies that have a positive impact on people’s lives. He teaches courses on developing reliable embedded software, both onsite and online. Over the past ten years, Mark has built an online community of like-minded developers who focus on improving the way embedded software is developed, all with respect, humor, and a drive to improve. He’s known online as a cartoon mad scientist, but in truth, he’s a caring person.